BYBCkids Adventures In Kid-dom

Our Brand New Book featuring the kids of the Back Yard Bible Club and focusing on

An Mei Chen.

Cool features of this book include:


Building an awesome relationship with the Word of Jesus Christ through reading about Adventures in Kid-dom with kids just like you.



Crafts to challenge the creative side of your personality.



Recipes to get you cooking and enjoying family time in the kitchen.



Coloring Pages to feed the inner artist in you.



Games to build your story and Bible knowledge.



Chats about certain aspects of the story and facing them head on with a Biblical perspective.



Bible Nuggets of wisdom.



We hope you enjoy our first book

Adventures in Kid-dom, Volume I

The Rollercoaster

Well that's the whole gang.  Go to our Partner Page to join our kids-club and

Check back every month for updates, games, free downloads, and opportunities to grow and serve in the Lord's Kingdom!



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BYBCkids Adventures In Kid-dom